2020 - Major Series

The Jenahura Major Series was created to provide clients and their invited guests with an opportunity to play a selection of Europe’s most exclusive golf clubs in an informal yet competitive environment.

The series has evolved over the past 15 years and now features four outstanding golf events played at spectacular venues. At the season’s finalé at Sunningdale, indvidual prizes are awarded to clients for a combination of loyalty and performance.  Here is the updated schedule for 2020:


7 September – Jenahura Masters @ Bearwood Lakes

Lunch, gifts, 18 holes, Half-way house refreshments including Champagne, Beat the Pro, Masters Champions Dinner. Prizes and presentation of the Jenahura Jacket.


7 October – Jenahura Traditions @ Swinley Forest Golf Club

Bacon Rolls & Coffee, 18 holes (AM), optional golf (PM), Drinks and on-course refreshments included. Swinley Lunch with Wine, Prizes


27 October – Jenahura Tour Championship @ Sunningdale Golf Club

Breakfast Buffet, Gifts, 18 holes on the Old Course, Half-way house and drinks throughout the day, Prizes, Major Series Awards, Q&A with a special guest from the world of golf


Participation is by Invitation Only.  For further information please send an e-mail to: info@jenahura.com