Our Partners

Jenahura are proud to work with these outstanding partners:

The Titleist brand started with a vision - and an x-ray. The Titleist success story began one Sunday in 1930, when Phil Young, a dedicated amateur golfer and owner of a precision molded rubber company, missed a well-stroked putt in a match with his friend, who was head of the x-ray department at a local hospital.

Convinced that the ball itself was at fault, Young and his opponent went to the hospital, x-rayed the golf ball in question and found that its core was, in fact, off-center.

FootJoy. It's about comfort. It's about performance. It's about tradition. FootJoy has been committed to creating superior golf footwear, gloves, and accessories that will enhance your on-course experience.
Award winning organic Farm and Wine Estate in the heart of Tuscany, Italy
The Elizabeth Foundation is a registered charity (293835) that supports deaf children to develop listening and speaking skills.  We facilitate early diagnosis for babies and pre-school children with all degrees of deafness and provide comprehensive educational and support services.  By doing so, we enable our children to develop good listening skills, natural speech, confidence and self-esteem and give parents the confidence and knowledge to make informed decisions on behalf of their child.
The Goutorbe-Bouillot house is a small champagne estate located in prestigious Epernay. Family-owned and run since 1911, the nine hectares of vineyard extend over the Vallee de la Marne with Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes cultivated.

The resulting wines from Goutorbe-Boillot are wonderfully fresh and the easy-drinking style works well with or without food and rival many of the more famous names from the region.
Mizuno is one of the leading manufacturers of Golf equipment and accessories.

It now has a permanent place in golf history. Severiano Ballesteros, Nick Faldo and Luke Donald amongst many who reached the pinnacle of their careers with Mizuno equipment. Mizuno run the official workshop to the PGA European Tour.